Development Accord Membership Overview

My Profile

When you sign up tocome a member of Development Accord, you will be issued a login and password that will give you access to your own member area called My Profile.

The My Profile page is designed to provide you with transparency over your donation to the fund and keep you connected with its performance and impact. 

You will be able to view your original donation and compare it to the changing value of the donation as it performs in the fund. The page also displays the total amount of money that has been granted to our CIF from your donation.

Donor Units

Donor Units allow the Development Accord to help assign and track donation value when a member donates. For every dollar or part thereof that you donate, you will be allocated 1 donor unit. As the value of your donation changes, so too does the value of your donor unit. In simple terms, it is a quick way to see the average value of every dollar you have donated.


You can also use this page to access specific news and information from our partner, Children in Families and the Development Accord team.  As a DevA Member you will also receive regular email updates with the latest news and fund updates.