The Development Accord Fund

All donations received from our members are invested in the Development Accord Fund.  The fund invests in a range of investment instruments. Development Accord consults with financial advisers at Ethinvest for the oversight of these investments and to assess them against the requirements of our own ethical investment policy.

Ethinvest provides comprehensive financial planning and investment advice to many non government organisations, charitable foundations and not-for-profits. They specialise in cost-effective direct share portfolio construction and management, and provide well-researched ethical analysis of potential investments to assist clients' decision making.

DevA members have the ability to track the value of their donation and the value of returns made to our partner communities via their own member profile, accessible through the website. For a history of the performance of the fund please visit our example membership page.  Please note that all values are expressed in Australian dollars.

Ethical Investment Policy

When selecting funds to invest donations, Development Accord takes into account ethical considerations covering issues such as, human rights, environmental concerns, alcohol and tobacco, gaming, weapons production and social justice issues. Currently all donations are invested in ethical funds which use a screening process to assess these factors.  To read our Ethics Policy in more detail please click here.

Returns to our Partner Communities

The Development Accord uses returns from our investments to increase the value of the fund and also to make distributions to our partner communities. The ratio of retained earnings to partner community distributions will change from quarter to quarter. The decision on how to split this ratio is made dependent on investment performance, income received for the period and additional economic factors.