The Development Accord: Every donation giving for life

It is our aim to maintain a simple, but effective giving platform through which every donation is put to work actively generating income through investments that meet our ethical policy. This income is directed to our partner communities, allowing us, as a community, to commit to our partners long-term, through stable, predictable, sustainable giving.

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We are looking to turn the tables on the traditional model of charity. 

Every donation giving for ...
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About DevA

A group of professionals from a variety of fields, we wanted to find a way to do charity differently.  We started thinking about the possibilities of harnessing the power of collaborative giving and the economic system and financial instruments we have access to, to directly benefit the poor.

And we'd love you to join us.

Every donation put to work generating income that funds sustainable giving, and you track it all online.

Development Accord - Every donation giving for life

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